Value add Management

en gestión de Patrimonios

Experience, dedication and track record

The team´s experience and track record guarantees Value add advice and asset management to our clients.

Business lines:

  • Asset management of existing real estate portfolios.
  • Collaboration to invest in real estate assets through efficient fiscal vehicles.
  • Advice to create and list SOCIMIS.

Covering directly the main areas.


New leases, renewals, refurbishment, evictions, licences processing, relationship with local authorities, advice on purchases and disposals, advice on financing/refinancing, etc..


Accounting, accounts payable/receivable, reporting, negotiation with banks, document management, etc..

Asset Management:

Investment search, commercialization process, tenants and brokers relationships, marketing and business plans per asset, service charges budgeting, billing, bails and bank guarantees, energy efficiency, insurance and supplies management, cost analysis, CAPEX plans, etc..


Recommend and give advice on the choices , collaborate, coordinate and monitor the firm chosen to perform Facility Management services or the different suppliers.


Recommend always first tier firms, we believe this role must be done by an independent figure. Due to our team´s experience we can add value in this area.